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The Illinois Production Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for the Illinois film production community. We work closely with State and Local legislative bodies to create growth and opportunities for all sectors of our community. 

Who We Are:

The Illinois Production Alliance was established (2002) to support & promote Film Production in Illinois. The IPA served as the driving force in the passage of the first Film Production Services Tax Credit as well as the 2022 legislation expanding & extending the credit.

The Alliance is a 501 c6 that continues to serve as an advocate and lobby for the interests of the film community with government officials, industry stakeholders, community leaders and the media. We market Film In Illinois through industry events, support for the Chicago and Illinois Film Office, and one-on-one communication with industry executives, producers, and decision makers.

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The IPA newsletter was born out of the need to communicate to our Illinois Film Production Community during the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic. Our community needed help understanding new COVID regulations, accessing unemployment, and finding a new way to stay connected. So we created a newsletter. Thanks to our subscribers, the newsletter has become a successful way of connecting the Illinois Film Industry to local and national industry news, government, informative data, announcements, professional development events and yes, even a little fun….

IPA Newsletter: Special Edition: Governor Pritzker Signs Legislation Expanding Film Tax Credit 

In this special edition of our newsletter, we provide you with all the details on the most recent expansion of the Film Production Tax Credit Program.

Published on July 12, 2024

Recent Highlights

Our most recent endeavors and highlights are featured here. For more detailed information, check out the rest of our website or subscribe to our monthly newsletter, below.

Featured News Highlights  

Variety (7/1/24): Illinois Expands Production Tax Credit Program to Cover Talk Shows, Game Shows and Other Unscripted TV Formats

“… Pritzker has signed bill HB 5005 into law, which allows national talk shows, contest-based shows and game shows to participate in the state’s Film Production Services Tax Credit program.”

Chicago Tribune (4/4/24): Column: Is Gov. Pritzker’s sales pitch to Hollywood working?

Governor JB Pritzker, in the Chicago Tribune: “Over the last couple of years, the Illinois production tax credits have improved in the eyes of the production world. When I came into office in 2019 we had about $400 million in production expenditure. By 2022, we reached almost $700 million. Many people I talked to hadn’t heard about the extension of the Illinois tax credit through 2032. That was met with a very encouraging response. A 30% tax credit has put us in a category with the states getting the most business. … I also pointed out that the number of square feet of soundstage (in Illinois) is approaching a million. That surprised a lot of people who aren’t currently working here. We have 2,500 plus film crew workers, and we’re adding 200 to 300 every year through our workforce development program and 75% of those people are people of color or women. All that was very attractive to everybody I talked to last week.”

Crain’s Chicago Business (1/29/24):  Study shows how much of a boon Illinois’ Film Tax Credit has been

“The top-line numbers are eye-popping: The state averaged $404 million in direct production expenditure by Hollywood studios from 2012 to 2022, billions in additional economic benefits over that time and a $6.81 return on investment for every dollar the state spends on the tax incentive.”

NBC 5 Chicago

(1/30/24) NBC 5 Chicago reports on the Economic Impact Study of the Illinois Film Production Services Tax Credit.

Economic Impact Study of the Illinois Film Production Services Tax Credit

The Illinois Production Alliance has unveiled its Economic Impact Study of the Illinois Film Production Services Tax Credit, the first-ever study measuring the economic impacts of film, television, and commercial productions in the state. The report, conducted by international screen sector consultancy Olsberg SPI, demonstrates that the Illinois tax credit has been a key driver of economic activity and jobs and that it has a significant positive impact on attracting productions that would not otherwise have been filmed in the state.

Illinois Film Production Tax Incentive Program Extended Through 2032

As reported by Screen Magazine: “The new year opens with tremendous news for the Illinois film and television production community. The Illinois Senate and House convened after the first of the year to conclude the business of the 102nd General Assembly.” On January 10th, legislation was passed extending the Illinois Film Production Tax Incentive Program until December 31st, 2032.


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