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The Illinois Production Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for the Illinois film production community. We work closely with State and Local legislative bodies to create growth and opportunities for all sectors of our community. 

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Who We Are:

The Illinois Production Alliance was established (2002) to support and promote Film Production in Illinois. The IPA served as the driving force in the passage for the first Film Production Tax Incentive Credit and the 2022 legislation expanding and extending the FTC.

The Alliance is a 501 c6 that continues to serve as an advocate and lobby for the interests of the film community with government officials, industry stakeholders, community leaders and the media. We market Film In Illinois through industry events, support for the Chicago and Illinois Film Office, and one-on-one communication with industry executives, producers, and decision makers.

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The IPA newsletter was born out of the need to communicate to our Illinois Film Production Community during the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic. Our community needed help understanding new COVID regulations, accessing unemployment, and finding a new way to stay connected. So we created a newsletter. Thanks to our subscribers, the newsletter has become a successful way of connecting the Illinois Film Industry to local and national industry news, government, informative data, announcements, professional development events and yes, even a little fun….

IPA Newsletter: September 2023 Edition

WGA & SAG-AFTRA Strike News, Government Information, Production Updates & End of Summer Events & Opportunities

Published on September 11, 2023

In the News: Variety, PGA, & Entertainment Partners

In 2023 the Illinois Film Industry and the IPA have been featured and quoted in trade and business publications.  

Governor JB Pritzker, in Variety  

“Illinois has long been a thriving arts hub, with iconic movies filmed right here including ‘The Blues Brothers,’ ‘Home Alone’ and of course, ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’,” says Gov. J.B. Pritzker. “This is why in 2022, the $700 million production revenue in our state shattered records and eclipsed our pre-pandemic revenue numbers. I attribute this success to our expanded film production tax credit as well as our diversity, inclusivity and commitment to equity; we’re ensuring our state is a welcoming place where every production wants to film.”

Variety (3/8/23): Location Update: Illinois

Producer’s Guild of America (March/April 2023): Chitown: On the Rise

Entertainment Partners (2/15/23): Illinois’ Historic Film Scene Grows to New Heights with Expanded Tax Incentives  

Illinois Film Production Tax Incentive Program Extended Through 2032

As reported by Screen Magazine: “The new year opens with tremendous news for the Illinois film and television production community. The Illinois Senate and House convened after the first of the year to conclude the business of the 102nd General Assembly.” On January 10th, legislation was passed extending the Illinois Film Production Tax Incentive Program until December 31st, 2032.


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The Illinois Production Alliance is a 501 c6 organization.

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